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3 Most Popular Ways to Use Graceway Designs

There’s plenty of ways to use Graceway designs to add color, creativity, and consistency to your worship services. Read on to find three of the most popular ways people use Graceway designs. 

1. In Your Worship Services

Whatever your design needs may be, we have still and motion graphics to compliment your service. Our files are fully compatible with whatever type of presentation software you may have, so you’ll have no problem plugging them in and getting things rolling. Additionally, if you have a more advanced stage set-up, we now offer a variety of great multiscreen designs.

Sermon Titles

Use sermon titles during the teaching segment of your service. We currently have a growing library of 4,500+ sermon titles, each featuring multiple layouts and variations, giving you tons of flexibility.

Here are a few examples of our more than 4,500 sermon title designs:


Announcements and Events

Available as both stills and motions, these designs are a great way to call attention to upcoming events before, during and after your service:

Worship Backgrounds

Available as both stills and motions, worship backgrounds are a great way to add movement and color behind the lyrics of your praise and worship songs.


Build anticipation for the start of your service with a countdown motion. With more than 300 countdowns available, we've got plenty of options for you to find the style that would work best for your church. 


2. In Print

Check out just some of the ways you can use Graceway designs in print: 


If you’re the do-it-yourself type, we offer Photoshop file downloads so you can alter the dimensions and layout of a design. With our PSDs, transform a sermon title or announcement design into a bulletin shell, flyer, or other smaller-sized print item. Photoshop files are available for download with most Graceway still designs.

Retitle Service

If you don’t have Photoshop or just don’t have the time, we have a great retitling service where we will change the text on any design for you. Read more about our retitle service here.

Banner Printing

Any design can be turned into a printed banner that we will deliver straight to your doorstep! Read more about our banner printing service here.

3. Social Media

Need some inspiration for your church's social media accounts? Keep your followers updated by posting your latest sermon series or upcoming announcements and events with Graceway designs. Here’s an example of how to post a Graceway design in a social media post:


Do you have a favorite way to use Graceway designs that isn't listed here? Leave a comment at the bottom of the blog. We’d love to know!