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Introducing the Graceway + Igniter Membership

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new membership level on Graceway Media. The Graceway + Igniter Membership will cover all your church media needs … all year long. As a member of Graceway Media, you already have a library of thousands of designs at your fingertips. By upgrading your membership, you’ll now have unlimited access to everything from our sister company, Igniter Media.

So, who is Igniter Media?

Since 2003, Igniter Media has been creating and curating mini movies that help pastors tell a better story. A mini movie is a short video that can be used to enhance your worship service or help in communicating your sermon in a unique and relevant way. Using a mini movie is a great way to allow your message to linger longer in the minds of those who hear it.

With Igniter, you get unlimited access to:

• Nearly 1,000 mini movies

• Over 130 Igniter Originals plus mini movies from 9 other top producers

• Spanish + alternate versions

• Exclusive mini movies only available at

• Diverse selection of genres and topics including Inspirational, Humorous, Seasonal and more

Want to see a mini movie in action? Watch the latest Easter-themed Igniter Original, "Consuming Fire," below: 

Upgrade Your Membership in 3 Steps

You can easily upgrade any Graceway membership to a Graceway + Igniter membership. To upgrade your membership:

1. Log in to your Graceway account.

2. Go to this link, which will take you to the Graceway + Igniter membership page.

3. Click, “Upgrade Now.” Please note, the normal price for this membership is $549/year. However, since you are upgrading, you will receive a pro-rated price based on the time remaining on your current membership. Your upgrade price will be displayed at the bottom of the checkout page.

Since you’re an awesome customer, we’re going to throw in some free swag for you as well! On the checkout page, choose your t-shirt size and look for something fun in the mail soon!

When it comes to church media, the Graceway + Igniter membership is an incredible resource that you can use every week to better communicate the Gospel to your audience.

Upgrade your Graceway membership today!