Account Center Updates

Out with the old and in with the new! We just finished launching major updates to the account center.

Meet the new account center. When you visit My Account, Downloads or Membership Options, you will see the completely revamped account center. We've included some new functionality we think you will really love.

My Profile

The profile page is the first view you will see. Here you can easily access and change your login username and password, manage your church or organization information and update your shipping address. 


Contacts is a completely new view. Here you can add other members of your team who want to interact with your account. You already have a primary contact—this is the person who signed up for the membership.

When you add other contacts, you can assign a new "billing" role. Any contact with a "billing" role will receive a receipt for every transaction in the account, from upgrades to credit purchases and banner invoices—perfect for an accounting contact. The default role is "user" and will only receive emails from their own interaction.

This is a step forward for individual user logins and bookmarks, but that's coming later.


The billing view lets you manage your payment method and access your complete billing history. Every purchase can now be viewed in a receipt view and easily printed for record keeping.


Your download history is now cleaner and arranged for easy browsing. You can now page through your history and filter by Stills, Motions or Retitle downloads.

My Membership

This view shows your current membership, expiration dates and easy, 1-click upgrades. We've also designed a fun set of membership icons. Check them out!


Adding credits to your account for Design Retitles is now easier than ever. Here you can see your total and add more whenever you want!