Great Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day Weekend has arrived! It's time to tell Dad how much we love, appreciate and honor him, and we have some great media here at Graceway to help. We want to highlight a few of our favorite Stills and Motions and also give some creative ideas for this weekend's services.

Service Designs

Looking for some clever graphics that say Happy Father's Day? We had some fun this year with a few of these!

The Mustache

Dad the Golfer

Vintage Dad

To go along with the "Vintage Dad" theme, we animated a complete service set including a Welcome, Countdown, Close and Upcoming Events. If you want to throw this week back into the 50's, this theme will give you the creative experience you're looking for!

Check out our new Vintage Service Motion Set

For the Sermon

If you're looking for a touching story about dad, use our "Through the Ages" to start off your message.
Watch Through the Ages here

We hope you have a blessed Father's Day weekend!