How To Retitle A Design

Retitling is the best feature for Pastors

After you see how easy and fast ordering a Retitle can be, it opens up a whole new level of creativity for your service. If you haven't Retitled before, try it out. Depending on your membership, you should have some complementary credits to use this service. Try it out this week with a welcome graphic! It's easy to personalize a welcome with your church name. Just find a style that reflects your church and click the pencil. It's that easy!

Retitle Details

How long does an order take?
You can choose 48 hours (1 credit) or 24 hours (2 credits) for delivery. If you submit an order before 3pm CST, you can choose same day (4 credits).

Where do I buy credits?
Once you sign into Graceway, click the "Learn More" link on the homepage under Design Credits. You can also find quick links from the Retitle and My Account. 

How much do Credits cost?
The more credits you buy, the bigger the savings! Credits are sold in multiples of 4 starting at $19. That's less than $5 a Retitle!

How do I access my finished design?
The moment your Retitle has been completed, you will receive an email notification that contains instructions for downloading. You can always access your completed Retitle orders by clicking the Retitles link in the menu bar.

For more information about Retitling and other custom design services, see our support section.