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How Visual Media Can Enhance A Service {Interview}

Camron Ware is the founder of Visual Worshiper, the originator of Environmental Projection in churches. He travels the country helping churches re-think their visual worship through Environmental Projection, lighting, and visual media. 

We recently had the chance to ask Camron some questions about how visual media can enhance a worship service, the importance of intentionality in a service, and much more.

GW: In what ways can visual media enhance a church service?

CW: Visuals are able to transform a physical space and take a congregation somewhere different than four walls.  A visual environment showing the cosmos, a forest, a high cathedral, or even simply showing a single candle on a screen can all help enhance a service. 

GW: In your experience, what is the most effective piece of software that you use on a regular basis?

CW: In the visual worship context, I think ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer are some great software choices for churches to start to dive into visual worship. In addition to controlling lyrics, there are so many visual edits you can do right within the software that expands your media library.

GW: How can design and media help engage people during worship?

CW: Visuals are able to communicate without words, yet can often be more powerful than words. From personal experience, I’ve found that rich imagery (such as sacred icons or old paintings telling parts of the Bible) can make me pause and reflect.

Media can point to the Creator, which helps worshipers engage their heart, soul, mind, and body into pondering who God is and what He’s done in our lives.

My favorite examples (albeit obvious) are showing visuals of the cosmos during “God of Wonders,” or “How Great Thou Art.” That is one simple, yet powerful way to engage people's minds into thinking about who God is.

GW: What is one simple thing churches can do to enhance the look and feel of their service?

CW: Well, Environmental Projection of course!  I’m kidding – kind of …

Intentionality. If the visual worship leader (along with music worship pastor and lead pastor) remember that every visual element of the service has a voice, I’ve found that a worship service can be transformational. When we use all the technology all the time, it becomes noisy.

I teach churches to always ask, “What’s the story here?” It's also important to use the best tool to communicate that. Those tools may include lighting, a video, a stage piece, a corporate prayer/reading, projection, and more.

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