Improved Search and More

We've been hard at work improving the experience at Graceway. Last week, we launched many design updates to make the site easier on the eyes. This time, we have gone under the hood to improve the the biggest area: Search.

An All New Search

We have improved our search engine to recognize books of the Bible and multiple keywords. When you type in Romans, the search engine knows you only want books related to Romans. Get even more specific with searching Romans 5 and you only get results based on that chapter. You can also add multiple keywords together to narrow down your search and find exactly what you're looking for. Try searching for Summer Welcome!

How Do You Spell Habakkuk?

You now have an autocomplete list that appears when you type in the search box. This list includes all books of the Bible and all of our keyword library. You can now spell Philippians and Ecclesiastes like a champ. 

Advanced Search

You will notice a magnifying glass next to the search field. Click this to reveal the main categories you want to search within: Book-Chapter, Title & Subtitle and Keywords. The default search will be all 3 categories, but you can change this easily. If you are looking for designs with Jesus in the title, check Title & Subtitle and start your search. Looking for Photographic or Grunge styles? Try a search just within the Keywords.

Moving Forward

We are definitely excited about these updates and there are even better features coming. Our goal is to have the best experience for finding your church media. Check back soon for even more!