Improved Site Design and Experience

This week we rolled out some great design updates to our site. Not only is the site cleaner and easier to browse, we are introducing new features for downloading and same-day Retitling!

New Home Page

Our brand new home page presents you with a dashboard strip, detailing your membership, credit total and quick links to other areas of your account.

Below that, we've also included newest product feeds of our main areas: sermon designs, announcement and event designs, and worship backgrounds. Immediately, you can see the newest graphics in our main categories and see more of each area.

Improved Download Options

Downloading has now been condensed into a single process of selecting the format you want. As soon as you do, your download begins. We've also presented the download options in a way that's easier to see.

New Product Pages

We have completely redesigned our product pages for Stills and Motions. Now, you can see larger previews on both. For Stills, we have introduced a slideshow so you can see all the various layouts that are available for PowerPoint presentations or in our Jpeg packages. You can also see the fonts used and other statistics right below the main details.

New Retitle Ordering

We've brought the same large previews to the Retitle page as well. Now, you can easily see the design as you enter your new personalized information. You will also notice a new option for ordering: Same-Day Retitling! You now have until 3pm to order a same-day Retitle.

Better Searching and Sorting

With our new layout to search results, you can easily toggle between Stills, Motions or both. Sorting is now much faster and we present you with more results per page!

What's Next?

With this update, we have refined and made your experience easier and faster than ever. Our next update will include a redesigned "Advanced Search" where you can search specific passages and browse by book. We are also working on a new Sermon Series feature, more related graphics and much more ease of use.

We hope you love these updates as much as we do. We care about your experience.