New and Improved: Bookmarks

We just finished rolling out a big update to Bookmarks. We really wanted Bookmarks to be intuitive and fast and this update accomplishes both. We have also updated the icon to look like a little "bookmark." The icon is now larger and easier to click.

New Favorites Folder

We have given everyone a default "favorites" folder to easily bookmark items to save for later use. When you bookmark an item, it will be added to your favorites folder by default. Easy!

Updated Custom Folders

We have made it easier than ever to create and manage custom bookmark folders. You can create custom folders when bookmarking an item, or create empty folders to use later from the Bookmarks page. Bookmarking now remembers the last folder you used and keeps that as the default folder. This will speed up bookmarking multiple items in the same folder.

New Bookmarks Page

We have overhauled the Bookmarks page. The Bookmark folders now sort by recent activity. And now the last item you bookmark becomes the new poster frame for your folder. We have even added a handy date field below each folder name so you can see the last time the folder was edited.

We hope you find the new Bookmark functions helpful and fun. This is just the first of many major improvements launching this summer. You will love what we have planned! Stay tuned...