Our Family Has Grown

This past year has been extremely exciting at Graceway. We introduced HD motions, transitioned our entire still library to widescreen and launched Photoshop files. 2011 has really been our biggest year ever for new types of exciting content and features for our subscribers. So how do we top it for 2012?

Enter RT Creative

Recently, Jon and Josh Bailey met with Rob Thomas, founder of RT Creative, and discussed how similar both company visions, talents and passions were. Graceway offers amazing designs for your service and sermon, with the ability to personalize and promote with custom graphics, logos, and banners. RT Creative companies Igniter Media, Echo Hub and Echo Conference cover all other church needs with amazing sermon illustrations, short films, diverse worship design, and training and equipping with an online resource and yearly event.

We are excited to share that Graceway Media is now a part of RT Creative Group, the parent company of Igniter Media, Echo Hub, and Echo Conference. For the past 8+ years, RT Creative has striven to serve churches and ministries everywhere with its products and services, which perfectly lines up with our mission too. So it's exciting to join forces with RT Creative and carry the torch of creating media, resources, and events together. For you, our member, we are excited to introduce you to all of RT Creative's offerings if you haven't been already.

We trust that 2012 is going to be the best year yet to be a member of Graceway Media!

RT Creative + Graceway Media Teams