Success Story: Shoreline Dallas


My name is Josh Rigaud, and I run the children's ministry ('BIGS' as we like to call it) for Shoreline Dallas. We just finished Easter, and if yours was anything like mine, it was pretty wild and crazy! It's the number one holiday for attendance, and you, just like me, want all aspects of your service to be great, especially visuals.

Our church has 2 volunteers that make up our design team, and when Easter preparations began, it quickly became apparent that these two would not have enough time to create graphics for the adult services AND for the children's services. They just simply did not have the time.

I had used Graceway Media on a few occasions, but I quickly was instructed by one of our designers to go to and find a layout that fit my sermon title, 'The Champ.' I sent him the one I liked, and he was able to get me all of the sermon graphics I had requested in nearly 1 hour simply by modifying a sermon set that was already on Graceway.

Thanks to Graceway Media and the volunteers of Shoreline Dallas, children were able to experience an incredible Easter service that hopefully made an impact that will last a lifetime.

Below are some of the designs that were used to make Easter great for Shoreline Dallas' children.

Worship Loops

Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


 Title and Supporting Screens:

Design series can be found here:


It is an honor to get to do what we do for churches and ministries across the world. THANK YOU to all who allow us to partner with you.  

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