What You Must Know When Planning A Service


At Graceway Media, we have the opportunity to create media that churches use every weekend. In addition to providing the artwork needed for weekend services, we also want to provide some ideas on how to best use these designs. We’ve put together a quick service outline that uses similar designs for a consistent visual experience along with some tips for each segment.


Welcome Screen

It’s a great idea to have a welcome screen playing as people begin to trickle in. Playing music along with the video can also help. This can be done with a playlist in Spotify, iTunes, or using your church band.


See a motion version here.


Countdown/Worship Intro

A countdown is a great tool that can be useful in a couple different ways.  First of all, it can obviously be used to countdown the beginning of service.  You can also use it to cue your "creatives" on the worship team who sometimes have a tough time keeping track of what time it is.  


See the countdown here.


Worship Loops

Worship loops really have the ability to take your worship experience up a notch.  For example, if the song is fast then make sure the movement of the loop is faster as well.  Likewise, if a song is slower, then find a worship loop that moves slower.  TIP:  When planning a service, be sure to test the actual songs with the worship loops for feel.  We included popular worship songs with the loops that we picked out so that you can see an example of what worship loops fit with what songs.  

Alive - Hillsong Young & Free - Worship Loop

One Thing Remains - Bethel Live - Worship Loop

10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman - Worship Loop


If you want to do announcements during service, it's super important that you keep them quick, informative and above all...engaging!  If Graceway doesn't have the specific announcement text that you need, remember to submit your retitling request using our Retitling Service to have an announcement customized to match what you need.  



Sermon Title With Scripture 

Be sure that when a scripture is being read, the scripture is on the screen, but when the scripture reading is done, the sermon title should replace it.  The Sermon Title should be the constant "placeholder" onscreen unless there is something else needing to be displayed.  The only instance where this does not apply is if you are displaying your pastor speaking live onscreen.



Tithes & Offerings

There are two main ways churches are addressing Tithes and Offerings nowadays.  One is the passing of the bucket/plate which is a more traditional means.  The second is to just remind people that they can give and to have buckets at the back on their way out.  This method is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.


See a motion version here.


Close of Service

In this service structure, the service closes after offering is taken up and the congregation is dismissed.  Be aware of the "mood" when you finish a service and please play the appropriate music.  If you are still having prayer at the end then have a slower song playing.  If you need people to hustle on out so that you can prepare for the next service, play something upbeat.  

See a motion version here.


Feel free to share and/or leave comments below telling us some of your own experiences when it comes to planning a service, how you use media, etc.